Friday, November 30, 2018

Nik Wallenda to walk tightrope stretched between the 41 North Broad St light poles...while eating a cheesesteak

Philadelphia--High-wire extraordinaire Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk a tightrope over a 2.5-mile segment of North Broad Street sometime in the spring of 2019. The world-renowned acrobat called conquering the forty-one, 55-ft tall posts "a challenge that would surpass my Niagara Falls stunt" in 2012. Wallenda said the final details will be worked out in the coming weeks, but that he may attempt the walk without a balancing pole or, if challenged in court, with only a two-foot-long balancing pole. The other possibility is using an extra-large cheesesteak as a balancing pole and slowly consuming it during the walk. Pat's, Geno's, and Jim's have all reportedly met with the high-wire walker and offered to name a steak: the Wallenda Wit.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thousands of Chiefs fans gather in Mexico City bars to watch...minor league soccer

Mexico City--Hundreds of Kansas City Chiefs fans (and Rams fans?) made the best of an unfortunate situation when the NFL moved the Chiefs-Rams game from Mexico City to Los Angeles because of poor field conditions at Azteca Stadium. Instead of losing thousands of dollars in non-refundable vacation plans, most fans traveled to Mexico to enjoy all the city has to offer...and, hopefully, catch their beloved team at a local bar for the much-hyped Monday night game. However, bad luck continued for many, if not all, NFL fans in town for the contest when many the city's bars were only showing minor league soccer. "Every tv had minor league soccer on," said one disgruntled Chiefs fan visiting from Overland Park, Kansas. "We went to, like, six bars and it was all minor league soccer: El Soccer Bar, Futbol y Cervesas Bar, Soccer Town, Montezuma's Red Card Bar & Grille, The Minor League Soccer Bar, and El Patada Bar. I mean...c'mon." Another Chiefs fan quietly admitted: "I didn't realize there was minor league soccer. I actually kind of enjoyed it."