Monday, January 28, 2019

Has ability to skip Pro Bowl Bowl become sole motivation for reaching the Super Bowl?

Orlando, FL--Many top NFL players from across the league have admitted that their main goal for the season is reaching the Super Bowl--not for a chance to win a championship, but to avoid playing in the Pro Bowl. "When [the Chiefs] were eliminated in the AFC title game I was so upset. Yes, because we lost, but mostly because it meant that I would have to play in the damn Pro Bowl," said one Pro Bowl quarterback from Kansas City who wanted to remain anonymous. Many football analysts and players say the NFL's all-star game should simply be an award--an "honor on paper"--and not an actual game. "If reaching the Super Bowl means I don't have to play in this ... thing [Pro Bowl], then, yes, I would like to play in the Super Bowl every year," said another Pro Bowl quarterback from Indianapolis who also wanted to remain anonymous.