Wednesday, November 30, 2011

California's latest landslide wins November 2011 Best Landslide by a landslide

Los Angeles--The votes are in: Landslide Magazine's November award winner for Best Landslide is California's latest landslide, which occurred in San Pedro last weekend. "Usually the voting is close," said the magazine's senior editor Jeff Galbright. "It's been a while since I was able to truly say that the contest winner won by a landslide. But, the second-place finisher received 43 fewer votes. That's a landslide for us!" Galbright reiterated that the contest included landslides that occurred in the continental United States from October 25 through November 25. "Including Alaskan and Hawaiian landslides would be unfair."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dessert-minded Occupy faction breaks away to form Occu-pie

Philadelphia--Wayne O'Brien took two big whiffs of the freshly-baked apple pie resting in his chafed, raw hands. Then, slowly looking skyward, and with a sharp yell, declared, "Occu-pie has now officially begun." The twelve or so people circled around O'Brien began clapping and hooting loudly in support of the announcement. The Ambler, PA native and Philadelphia Culinary School graduate is the leader of a splinter group formed out of the Occupy Philadelphia movement. "We cannot agree with our brothers and sisters concerning the importance of desserts, especially pie, to our nation. It was a difficult choice, but one that had to be made. We are the one percent of the two percent of the 99 percent who realize that pie is what makes the world go 'round. Somehow, pie can create jobs. It has to, it's so good and delicious. We're a small group but a damn strong small group. Stop cutting pie making funding ... if there is such a thing." The city has granted Occu-pie, who plans to leave Dilworth Plaza by Tuesday, a permit to set up inside of the La Columbe cafe across the street.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reid putting positive spin on Vick's latest injury: 'It reminded me of the sandwich in my bottom right desk drawer'

The mobile quarterback broke two ribs versus Cardinals

Eagles head coach Andy Reid told a room full of reporters at Monday's weekly day-after-game news conference that his quarterback's broken rib injury is not all bad. "Yesterday, soon after the game ended, a trainer came into my office and told me that Michael [Vick] had sustained two broken ribs during the second half," explained Reid, in his signature raspy voice, a trace of dried red sauce on either corner of his mouth. "I started to get up from my chair to go check on Michael when I just stopped and smiled. I told the trainer that I would be along in a minute and to go along without me. I said to myself, 'ribs? Think, Andy! Compose yourself.' Then it just all the sudden clicked. 'Andy, you beautiful, glorious genius; there's a McRIB sandwich in my desk. The bottom right drawer if my memory serves me correctly.' And there it was, as was there one in the top left drawer as well. From two broken ribs came two intact McRIBs."

Friday, November 11, 2011

U.S. Coast Guard officially changes old nautical saying: 'Red sky at night, sailor's just might'

The popular sailor's adage, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight," has officially been changed by the United States Coast Guard to, "Red sky at night, sailor's just might." There was no explanation given for the modification other than, "it was time for a change." The monthly publication Coast Guard Digest announced the news with a 4-page article in the November issue. One unnamed sailor offered this take: "It's definitely more 2011. Without a doubt it makes me more pumped to see a red sky. Before I was just delighted, now I just might fully commit to my fellow crew members to sail the next day." The second half of the saying, "Red sky in morning, sailor's warning," is now, "Red sky in morning, sailor's must get a hold of the latest weather report before leaving the docks."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Netflix CEO cancels subscription to Netflix

Los Gatos, CA--Reed Hastings, CEO of movie streaming and dvd-through-mail provider Netflix, after endless wavering, has finally decided to cancel his longtime subscription to Netflix after the company altered popular plans and raised prices. The company has lost over 800,000 subscribers since the policy change in September. "Back when I received word that prices were rising and plans were changing I put my account on hold to really put some thought into whether I wanted to remain a subscriber or not," Hastings told the San Jose Times Sentinel. "I am extremely bitter over the rise in price and have decided to end my consumer affiliation with Netflix." The CEO expressed regret that he was losing yet another customer, but said he may try to lure himself back by lowering prices in the near future. "If I decide to offer the old plan options I may return as a customer. Probably not though, I'm really upset with myself for raising prices."