Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC: Gov. Christie uses almost entire keynote speech to promote A.C.'s struggling new Revel casino

The N.J. governor is desperate (and nervous) to see the disappointing $2 billion boardwalk casino, which received plenty of state funding, meet its expected numbers. Actual revenue is well below projected revenue.
Below is an excerpt from New Jersey governor Chris Christie's keynote speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, on August 28, 2012:
One word America: Revel. Yes, Romney, but right now, Revel. What is Revel? America, Revel is the newest casino along the Jersey shore in bustling, exciting Atlantic City. Romney. It has great restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and, not least, gaming. The building is forty-eight stories tall. Forty-eight stories, America! That's pretty tall, you have to admit. Romney. Let's look at the shopping options for a minute. You got Hugo Boss and Denim Habit, do I really need to say anymore? I mean, who doesn't love Hugo Boss? It reminds me of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen and I love, love that guy. Ryan. Let's look at dining for a second, you got the top notch Spanish place Amada, mmm mmm good. If you want something quick hit up Luke's Kitchen and Marketplace--excellent hoagies. Romney. How about the upcoming entertainment schedule? I mean, wow! The Eagles and Barry Manilow ARE COMING TO REVEL. I repeat, The Eagles and Barry Manilow are coming. So, America, stand with me ... at a slot machine on the A.C. boardwalk in the beautiful new Revel casino. Romney. I mean, Revel.

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