Friday, April 19, 2013

Nearing the complete one-stop shop: Home Depot, Lowe's begin selling designer clothing, cars, groceries, electronics

Above: A Home Depot sales associate assists a customer with selecting from a wide variety of milk and other dairy products at the home improvement center's King of Prussia, PA store. Last week, big box chains Home Depot and competitor Lowe's began selling groceries, electronics, automobiles, and designer clothing in hope of attracting new customers. "It is quite remarkable," said Steven Bailey, 51, of Upper Merion, PA, "I can come to Lowe's now and get the 2"X4"s I need to repair my backyard shed, but I can also get that pair of skinny jeans that I, rather, my son has really been wanting." Below: Two Home Depot employees walk past a new designer jeans clothing rack in South Philadelphia after finishing a "Jeans Course." Lowe's and Home Depot are spending millions of dollars to train current employees to be knowledgeable on the new products being offered. "The loops around the waistline are for belts," one sales associate told a waiting customer sarcastically. The news sent Target, Walmart, and Kmart into "panic mode." "We're currently exploring the feasibility of selling lumber and electrical stuff at a handful of our stores," said Target CEO, Stephanie Riversby.  

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