Saturday, December 20, 2014

Plan to better link Center City, University City calls for rerouting Schuylkill River

Above: A map showing a potential new route of the Schuylkill River around University City. The route has the river turn west before reaching the Fairmount Water Works, then heading south beyond 50th St. before eventually rejoining the original flow path south of The Woodlands. The controversial plan could begin excavation work as early as this afternoon. Schuylkill Banks, the popular riverside linear park, would remain and likely be renamed Downtown Recreational Area. The Bank's brand new, $17 million Schuylkill River Boardwalk would be relocated downriver at some point. The dry riverbed south of the dam would be filled in and topped with office, retail, and residential development to seamlessly join University City and Center City. "It'll be weird not having the river there," said one developer. "But there really are no other options." One local civil engineer, who wanted to remain anonymous, called the project "impossible."

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