Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sixers announce 'Tank' Night for March 17

Philadelphia--The Sixers announced the latest addition to the 2015-16 promotional schedule at the Wells Fargo Center will take place on March 17, versus the Washington Wizards. No, not green backboards or green rims to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Rather, to mark the 32nd anniversary of the release of the critically acclaimed film Tank, the Sixes will hold "Tank Night." On March 16, 1984, Tank hit the big screen featuring stars: James Garner, C. Thomas Howell, Jenilee Harrison, Shirley Jones, G. D. Spradlin, and James Cromwell, to name a few. The film received thirty-seven Oscar nominations, and took home thirty-six statues. All fans ages fifteen and over will receive a C. Thomas Howell 76ers jersey. The actor will take part in the ceremonial jump ball to begin the game by tossing the ball from the turret of a 1944 Sherman tank at center court. At halftime, 600 lucky fans will have the chance to help pull the 30-ton, WWII relic the length of the court via steel cable. The team also announced that to "fire up the crowd" during the game, the Jumbotron will show the movie clip with C. Thomas Howell saying. "He's my dad, and I love him. And if anyone tries to hurt him...I will blow them away." ("Sixers" will be dubbed over "dad.") Jenilee Harrison and Jennifer Garner--no relation to James--will launch "Sixers Tanking" t-shirts into the crowd throughout the first and third quarters.

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