Saturday, August 30, 2008

Audience was promised Broncos game after speech?

The 80,000-plus crowd that gathered for Barack Obama's Democratic nomination acceptance speech in Denver's Invesco Field on Thursday evening were thrilled about the event. The excitement in and around the stadium was inspiring and a tribute to the unity the candidate can invoke.

However, much of the contingent that supported Obama were somewhat disappointed that the DNC-promised Denver Broncos game to be held immediately after the speech was never played.

"I love Obama. I think he is exactly what this country needs. But you can't promise a Broncos game and not come through. That's not right," said Dave Mullen, 45, a Broncos fan from nearby Boulder, CO.

Obama did not mention the game during his speech but some supporters felt he did. "I could've sworn that he mentioned the Broncos. If he didn't say Broncos he definitely mentioned Elway," said Sally Frimton, 39, another Broncos fan from Sunny Spring, CO.

Obama denies promising a game and called the football fans of the Mile High city some of the most passionate and loyal in the country. He went on to say that coming to the stadium that night led some Broncos fans to convince themselves there was a game.

"I can understand," Obama said, "you[fans] are coming to a football stadium in a great football city and out of sheer habit you[fans] think there is a game. But really there was never a promise."

One diehard Broncos fan agreed. "We love our team here, but honestly there was no game promised. They wanted to believe there was. However, I will say that Obama should have mentioned coach Mike Shanahan somewhere in the speech," said fan Karen Stapleton, of Denver.

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