Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar host and Delaware's Prada star refers to Best Picture as King's Peach

Hollywood, CA--Last night, Anne Hathaway, star of the 2006 film The Delaware's Prada, hosted the 2011 Oscars alongside actor James Franco. Reviews of the tandem's performance have been mixed, but Hathaway's pronunciation of the Best Picture winner has drawn the wrath of several high profile critics. "Throughout the entire evening she referred to the King's Speech as the King's Peach," said Film Magazine editor, Heather Gilmer. "She has to be better informed." After the show, Hathaway was all smiles and said she was joking and knew it was the King's Speech. However, when asked to explain her summary of the film during the show she denied the unusual description. Roughly halfway through the Oscars Hathaway described the nominated film: "When the King of England finds out that his prized peach farm on Gibraltar, a British territory, has been ransacked by local thugs, he makes it his mission to find and punish those responsible. A heart-wrenching story about a King, a peach and a insatiable thirst for revenge."

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