Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Corbett names himself head of DRPA, says he 'would like to see more drawbridges and stuff'

Harrisburg, PA--On Monday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett named himself head of the controversial Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), the bi-state agency that operates port activity, the PATCO highspeed line and several bridges that span the river. Corbett said the agency's first order of business under his authority will be to create more drawbridges. "I look at the Delaware River and I see a lot of suspension bridges and, don't get me wrong, I think suspension bridges are neat. But drawbridges are so darn cool. You know? I mean, Governor Christie and I should really sit down and work to build more drawbridges. Yeah, I like that idea. It makes so much sense, the way they open and close. Right? I'm not an engineer, but c'mon."

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