Monday, April 23, 2012

Fenway Park at 100: Groundbreaking participants 'came for the beans'

Above: The formal groundbreaking ceremony for Boston's Fenway Park over 100 years ago. A newspaper report from the day recounted the events: "A loud cheer rose from the crowd on this blustery day not only signaling the beginning of a glorious new base ball grounds, but that it was time for beans. The crowd was promised two generous helpings of Boston's finest beans. The hearty men quaffed the local food like a favorite ale." Pictured above in front row (from left to right): Harry O'Sullivan, Patrick "Two Punches" McShane, John "Three Punches" McShane, Seamus McGillicuddy, Donovan McDonovan, Olan McLauglin, Jack "Knife Fight" Reilly, Shawn "The Sucker Puncher" Smith, Michael Sweeny, Patrick "The Twice Baked Potato" McCallister, Tommy "Top Hat" Gallagher, Christopher "Kick to the Groin" Murphy, Patrick "The Drink" McDonald, Johnny "Let's take this outside ... or stay inside, it doesn't matter to me" Garrity, Kevin Michael "Lager or Ale" O'Reilly, Michael "The Ram" Graham, and Patrick Fitzpatrick.

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