Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant assures public that bright green Schuylkill River is a St. Patrick's Day stunt, but leaving area 'would not be a bad idea'

Above: A kayaker makes his way along the bright green Schuylkill River near Kelly Drive yesterday. The river was a vivid green from the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in Montgomery County all the way to Center City Philadelphia, a distance of nearly 40 miles (not including the twists and turns of the river). One power plant official, dressed in full radiation attire, told the public to "relax, but that leaving the area wouldn't be such a bad idea." The nuclear generating station claims the green river is part of a plant-wide celebration of St. Patrick's Day, and a nod to the Irish city of Limerick, in which the Pennsylvania township is named after. "People see a green river starting at a nuclear power plant and they get all crazy," said Larry O'Malley, director of the plant. "We take St. Patrick's Day very seriously here at Limerick Nuclear Generating Station and we decided to dye the river green for this year's celebration. So, please, calm down. However, if you have a friend or relative you could visit in a town three to four hours away from the lower Schuylkill River Valley region, I would advise you to visit that person as soon as is humanly possible. Happy St. Patrick's Day."

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