Thursday, July 11, 2013

Should Eagles fans be concerned about inordinate amount of time Chip Kelly spends playing chess in Rittenhouse Square?

Philadelphia--At first, it appeared that the fast-moving, wisecracking chess player in Rittenhouse Square was just some guy that happened to look a whole lot like Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly. But upon closer inspection, it became abundantly clear that this was indeed the Birds New Hampshire-born leader. "I love it down here," said Kelly, fresh off a convincing chess win where he surrendered only four pieces and taunted opponents with a tweaked version of the Eagles fight song. "The competition, the camaraderie, I'm addicted to the Rittenhouse chess matches. I become a different person here, the adrenaline rush is crazy. I can't get enough." No he cannot. In fact, the coach has been spotted in the popular square--one of William Penn's original five--nearly every day since early June. On several occasions Kelly has been seen in the wee hours of the morning standing solo with a chess board enticing the unsuspecting passerby into some "friendly competition." "It's getting to the point where I see Chip on my way to work and on the way home. The guy needs a shave and, just a thought, to, um ... I don't know, maybe, work on some plays for the upcoming season," said Dan Rothman, an Eagles fan from the Fitler Square neighborhood. Recent reports indicate that the team is "very concerned" about the coach's time spent in the park. "We've been monitoring the situation very closely," said one team employee who wanted to remain anonymous. 

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