Friday, April 1, 2011

Local sports columnist ready if, when Phillies' powerful rotation falters this season

Norristown, PA--Last season, the Phillies three-headed ace monster, made up of Cole Hammels, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt, spawned the nickname H2O.

Fans would often yell to brave Citizens Bank Park visitors with opposing team's jerseys, "Yo, your batter may be on fire right now, but we got water. That's right, H2O, baby." This was often followed by high fives, spilled beer and another walk to the concession stand on Dollar Dog Night--there's a four dog limit per trip.

With the addition--and return--of fan favorite Cliff Lee fans, columnists, bloggers, sports anchors and reporters sought the perfect nickname for this year's improved and potentially dominating rotation.

However, one local sports writer, was looking for a different name for the five starters, one that could be used in case the all-star pitching staff fell flat on its face. What did he come up with? H2BLO! (H)alladay, (H)ammels, (B)lanton, (L)ee, (O)swalt.

"I thought of it the other night," said Devin Bronson, a sports columnist for the BucksMontChesDel Daily Times, a bi-weekly newspaper (some say pamphlet) distributed to residents of Philadelphia's Pennsylvania suburban counties. "I really nailed it, I think. You know, like, saying that something really blows, that it's terrible. H2BLO. Even if two of the five pitchers screw up this year, not including Blanton, I'm going to break out the nickname. Oh, yeah, it's mine."

Bronson mentioned that he may alter the name to include Brad Lidge if the closer "goes to hell again," by adding the 'B' from his first name: H2BLOB. The writer said that a blob reference would be "a real insult" to the staff and that the movie The Blob was filmed in Phoenixville, PA, so there is a local connection, as well.

"He thought about doing H2BL2O, but it didn't have that certain ring to it. Then he even considered H2B2LO," said Bronson's editor, Sarah Cartwright. "I was like a big N-O. No!"

The writer has already struck a deal with a Queens, New York screen printing company that would sell a t-shirt version of the nickname to Mets fans.

"Listen, I'm a diehard Phillies fan but this is gold," said Bronson, who expects to hear the wrath of fans when and if he publishes the nickname in an article. "I genuinely hope that I don't get to use the nickname this season, honestly. I mean, I've ordered 100,000 H2BLO bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, head bands, wrist bands and match books, but I really hope they end up collecting dust on my basement shelf."

Bronson said that even if the Phillies staff overwhelms batters this season, which is most likely the case, he could still use the name if all of the pitchers were, god forbid, linked to cocaine in some fashion. But, that "it would have to be all of them."

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