Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Couples running on same treadmill: adorable or dangerous?

New York--Doctors and fitness experts are at odds over the latest (peculiar?) fitness trend which is becoming increasingly more popular across the country: couples running together on the same treadmill. Is this practice adorable or dangerous? "I'd like to say it's adorably dangerous," said Dr. Benton Thomas of New York University. "It's great to see couples becoming active together, but treadmills can be dangerous even for one person. I recommend purchasing a second treadmill and place them side by side." It is believed that the trend started in the Big Apple within the last year and is now common from Boston to Seattle. "Sure, we've had some horrible accidents at our gym with couples on treadmills, but it gets people active again who would otherwise be on the couch eating cheese curls. Plus, our membership numbers are up," said Hank Belgrade, the owner of Dumb Belles Gym in Lower Manhattan.

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