Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eagles punter Donnie Jones met with former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones to discuss using air guitar celebration

Philadelphia--Two Eagles players, one past and one present, sat at a small, rectangular window table in a crowded Starbucks on Walnut Street late yesterday afternoon. The sheer size of the two swallowed the restaurant furniture giving the scene a sort of cartoonish quality. Outside the snow had tapered off to mere flurries, but inside the friendly conversation/negotiation was just getting started. "My family and I thought it was time to have a celebration for when I nail a great punt, and the air guitar just seems like a great fit for me," said first-year Eagles punter Donnie Jones. "That being said, I know Dhani's [Jones] thing was the air guitar when he played and I didn't want to just start using it without his blessing. So, I reached out to him about a week ago." Because of very different schedules, the two were unable to meet until yesterday. "I really don't know Donnie at all," said Dhani Jones, the former linebacker, sipping an espresso macchiato. "I really respect that he contacted me. I mean, he could have just started using the air guitar on his own. I wanted to meet with him face to face to see if he was worthy and prepared for the many challenges and responsibilities that come along with performing the air guitar. I'll admit my first reaction was that no way did I want a punter using my move. But, I promised I would at least meet with him...and I'm really glad I did." The two came to an agreement that the punter could use the move no more than three times per game on the conditions that Donnie take two hours of air guitar lessons a week; keep the air guitar tuned properly; and air guitar left-handed only. 

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