Friday, May 16, 2014

Several Braves employees hospitalized after attempting to show new suburban stadium site is 'definitively walkable' from downtown Atlanta

Cobb County, GA--The Braves will unveil a new, suburban stadium in 2017, fleeing Turner Field--a product of the 1996 Olympics--and the city of Atlanta for a 60-acre site nearly 15 miles northwest of the Georgia capital. To show the location is "not as remote as everyone thinks," the team organized a walk on Wednesday with twelve employees from the urban center to the intersection of I-285 and I-75--mall country. "We feel that our new locale is easily accessible on foot for our Atlanta city proper fans," said Dave Sandine, the team's logistics statistics manager of logistics. "And, we wanted to emphatically demonstrate that 'walkability.'" Front office staff joined with beer vendors and program sales staff for the five-hour hike along the shoulder of chaotic Interstate 75. The heat and honking 18-wheelers proved too much for ten of the dozen brave Braves, requiring hospital visits but no overnight stays. Two employees completed the journey but sported severe sunburns as a result. "I, uh, could, um...easily, uh, do that walk four or, times a week. Whoa, who's got water?" said a very out of breath Jessica Gilmore, a Turner Field hot dog slinger from Savannah.

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