Saturday, May 10, 2014

NFL Draft: Scout now sort of wishing he didn't visit Indiana State Corn Museum instead of attending NFL Combine

New York City--A first-year NFL scout with an NFC West team admitted yesterday--the second day of the NFL Draft--that he probably should have actually attended the NFL Combine in Indianapolis at the end of February instead of wandering the lengthy halls of the Indiana State Corn Museum. The scout claimed to have been present at the four-day NFL-hopeful talent showcase extravaganza featuring over 300 athletes participating in nearly seventy-five events. (Even going as far as to tweet from the museum about an athlete's performance.) "I should have gone. Period. The Combine is important and I needed to be there because it's my job. But, the brochure in the hotel lobby was made corn look really fascinating," said the scout, who wanted to remain anonymous. "I was just going to pop in for, like, an hour, but ended up spending three and a half days there. Trust me, I had every intention of showing up at the Combine--but, honestly, did you know that the U.S. produces roughly 40% of the world's corn." During the first two days of the draft at Radio City Music Hall, the scout gave "very general information" when asked to provide a detailed breakdown of a particular player. "I simply named height, weight, place of birth, and favorite movie of the athlete. If asked to elaborate, I would simply repeat the height and weight and add a 'c'mon, now.'"

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