Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dilworth Park monitored Day of Skateboarding intended to 'get it out of the system'

Though not a cloud in the sky, the sun-soaked gray New Hampshire granite in new Dilwoth Park was damp. Not from an earlier passing shower. Not from the popular dancing fountains. Not from a spilled beverage purchased from busy Rosa Blanca Cafe. No, this was from a small group of mesmerized skateboarders drooling uncontrollably with anticipation and excitement...oh, and staring...intently. "I come here everyday and just stare," said Dylan Eversby, 16, a Pennsport native with skateboard in hand. "It would be pretty rad to skate these glass bastards." The young skater was referring to the swooping glass transit head houses in the park which frame the iconic City Hall to the east. Though skateboarding is against the rules in Dilworth Park, a skateboarder hopping the stainless steel railing barrier and tackling the halfpipe-esque transit entrances seemed inevitable. For this reason, the park decided to hold a "Day of Skating." The goal, according to park officials, was to offer a controlled, supervised one-day-only of skating the five-layer glass to "scratch the itch and put the urge to bed." All participating skaters--there were hundreds--said the event more than satisfied the desire that started with the park's opening in September. "It was awesome, what a day, but I totally get it was a onetime deal...I respect that," said one skater.

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