Monday, October 6, 2014

Jefferson Station: An emotional renaming

On September 4, 2014, Market East Station officially became Jefferson Station, named for the hospital a few blocks to the south. Below are a few reactions by local residents to the renaming:

--"Well, in addition to being a prominent colonial-era physician, [Thomas Jefferson] was a huge rail enthusiast--so it makes a lot of sense."

--"Seriously, get the &*$# out of here? No more Market East? Well I'll be damned!"

--"I'm not much of a transit person. I thought you needed directions somewhere."

--"They're really going to spend all that money changing all the signs, maps, and getting the conductors to say, 'Next stop, Jefferson Station?' I don't know."

--"[Thomas] Jefferson gave a lot of speeches from the caboose of trains. I think the renaming is a great thing and a great honor. Oh, and please bring back the caboose, SEPTA. I want to stare at your caboose, SEPTA."

--"Just when I thought SEPTA couldn't do anything dumber and idiotic, they go and pull a stunt like this...And totally redeem themselves."

--"It's a mistake. Total mistake. Jefferson was the guy behind the North and South having different rail gauges. He masterminded the whole thing."

--"He was the third president, and Market East is the third downtown station when headed east. So..."

--"I always knew something like this would happen."

--"Instead of a Quiet Car, there should be a Flu Shot Car. Oh, yes, I said that."

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