Tuesday, August 23, 2011

East Coast Earthquake: Independence Park officials say Liberty Bell is okay, but something is different and they're not sure what it is

Above: the Liberty Bell minutes after the 5.9-magnitude, Virginia-centered earthquake that struck around 1:45 pm today. Below: A photograph taken earlier this week prior to the earthquake. National Park Service officials report that the Bell "is doing fine." However, the same officials reluctantly admitted there is something different about the historic treasure. "We've been analyzing the Bell now for over an hour," said Gregory Schmidt, a ranger at the park for the last 23 years, an hour and a half after the tremors had subsided, "and she looks real good, no noticeable damage. I think we really dodged a bullet with this quake, but something is off and I'm not sure what it is. I'll figure it out though, later today we'll run some x-ray testing, but I think it's okay. This Bell is my life."

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