Friday, August 5, 2011

Teammates already growing tired of Hunter Pence constantly using phrase: 'Pennsylvania-sized'

Philadelphia--Hunter Pence, the newest Phillie, a Texas native and a Houston Astro for nearly five seasons, is adjusting to life in the Northeast and his new teammates. Some of Pence's habits, however, are not going over well in the clubhouse, dugout and on the diamond. "Every time I turn around it's 'Did you see that home run? It was Pennsylvania-sized. Hot damn.' Or 'These Phillies fans make some Pennsylvania-sized noise when they cheer. Hoo ah.' We get it. You're from Texas and you played in Texas for some time where everything is Texas-sized. It's okay to still use that phrase, you don't have to substitute Pennsylvania for Texas. That makes it that much more annoying," said one Phillies player who wanted to remain anonymous.

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