Saturday, August 20, 2011

Local weatherman says bow tie 'tingles' just before storm arrives

Above: Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz, a meteorologist with NBC10 Philadelphia, recently admitted that he relies heavily on his trademark bow tie (and not so much on expensive meteorological technology) when predicting the weather for the Delaware Valley. The powerful storms over the past week that inundated the region with rain, spider lightning and booming thunder were all foretold using his signature bow tie. "The bow tie tingles just before the storm arrives," said Schwartz, wearing a 'I-probably-shouldn't-be-admitting-this' kind of smirk. "This week was quite a week with all these crazy storms, I thought the tie had turned against me and was trying to strangle me or something. But, minutes later, another storm would roll in. I should have never doubted the bow tie." Unfortunately, the Philadelphia native also admitted that he wears nothing but the bow tie when going to bed for the night.

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