Saturday, January 14, 2012

Singletary sneaks onto 49ers' sideline, brings own headset, monogrammed challenge flag

San Francisco, CA--Mike Singletary, who was fired from the head coaching job of the 49ers after last season, is back on the sideline for the City by the Bay. However, not in any official capacity.

Singletary spent three years here and compiled an 18-22 record, failing to make the playoffs in any season and is now the linebackers coach in Minnesota. The 49ers are playing in the second round of the NFL playoffs today under first-year coach Jim Harbaugh for the first time since 2002.

"[Singletary] was wearing a large 49ers parka with the hood pulled over his head and he slipped in past stadium security," said one team official. "We just kind of let him be. Mike made it all the way to the sidelines and he even brought a headset with him. We're just letting him do his thing so not to cause a big scene, he's a good guy."

The coach also brought his own challenge flag, but it was quickly and quietly taken from him by quarterback Alex Smith while wide receiver Michael Crabtree distracted the former Bears legend. "I asked him about his linebacking days with the Bears and he just went off on a story and Alex crept up behind and grabbed the flag," said Crabtree. "We couldn't have him throwing that thing onto the field."

The team confirmed that the headset is not connected with the 49er coaches' network, but that Singletary picks up communication between truckers passing Candlestick Park on Highway 101 and US 280. "He's pretending to talk to coaches upstairs, but he only gets yelled at by tractor trailer drivers to 'pick another frequency, a&&hole,'" the official added.

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