Saturday, September 1, 2012

Local furniture designer/maker unknowingly provided chair for Eastwood speech

Chester County, PA--When Clint Eastwood did a Google search for "cool chairs" about a month ago from his home computer in Los Angeles, Greg's Cool Handmade Furniture Co. came up as the first result of millions in just under .03 nanoseconds. Eastwood was in need of a "democrat-type" chair for his imaginary President Barack Obama to sit in during his eccentric speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, on August 30, 2012. "I got this call from a guy who claimed to be Clint Eastwood," said Greg Hanson, owner of Greg's Cool Handmade Furniture Co. "The guy sounded just like Clint, but I wanted him to prove he was actually Eastwood." Hanson, mostly because he is a movie buff, asked the Hollywood legend three questions: 1.) Where did Gran Torino take place? 2.) What year did Pale Rider debut? and 3.) Who played the trainer in Million Dollar Baby? Eastwood easily answered all three, then quickly ordered a "cool" chair, but never mentioned that it would play a key role and appear before the country at the RNC. "I was flipping channels and came across the convention where I saw Clint and the chair. I went nuts, called all my friends, and then got this pit in my stomach after I realized that I'm a registered democrat. Thank God he didn't mention the company," said Hanson.

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