Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reid: 'I definitely would have pulled Vick after 7th interception.'

Cleveland, OH--Eagles head coach Andy Reid admitted one day after his team barely pulled out a one-point victory over a less talented Browns team that he would have pulled his starting quarterback if he had thrown three more interceptions. Michael Vick, not having his best game as an Eagle, threw four interceptions on the day and frequently ran from the pocket. The Birds trailed in the final quarter and the coach must have had thoughts of making a change behind center to bring in backup QB Nick Foles. Below is an excerpt from the coach's day-after news conference at the NovaCare complex in South Philadelphia addressing his interceptions limit for Vick:

I had a number in my head. I usually like to set that INT number for a quarterback during warmups or the coin toss. Sunday was no different. At first, that number was three, but then Michael hit that number and I was like, 'Nah, I meant to say four. Yeah, four.' However, when he reached four interceptions I made the final, final number five. I was really set on five. Honestly, I was. I even said the number over and over so I would hold to that number. Then, just a minute or so later, thinking there was a good chance that Michael could reach five, I told myself, just to be safe, to just go ahead and make the total interceptions that he could throw be seven. So I made that the final, final, final number that he could throw. I said to myself, 'Andy, if he reaches seven interceptions you have to take him out of the game. You have now set the number in your head and there's no going back on that number. Okay, Andy? Good. I'm gonna hold you to this, Andy.' I know what you are all thinking. The answer is no, the fact that Michael wears number seven had nothing to do with my decision. It didn't sneak into my sub-conscience or anything. Seven was just a good solid number that I chose. And, I swear to all of you today that I would have definitely taken Michael out if he hit the seven interception mark that I had in my head. I'm being serious.

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