Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fallout continues after Joe Buck caught making out with Skycam before, after N.F.L. game

New York City--Fox Sports N.F.L. announcer Joe Buck emphatically denies the incident at the 25-yard line in Detroit's Ford Field last week--despite clear video evidence (yes, from Skycam itself) proving otherwise--saying he's never been a "big fan" of the camera on cables. Fox has suspended Buck and is demanding a direct apology to the network, league, and camera, before being reinstated to the booth. Also, in a very related story, the Fox Robot has asked for an extended leave of absence. Skycam and the Fox Robot were reportedly together, frequently spotted in public, despite the camera's elaborate, confining cable system. Quite often, the two were seen just outside of a restaurant or movie theater, seldom inside ... anywhere.

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