Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reid putting positive spin on Vick's latest injury: 'It reminded me of the sandwich in my bottom right desk drawer'

The mobile quarterback broke two ribs versus Cardinals

Eagles head coach Andy Reid told a room full of reporters at Monday's weekly day-after-game news conference that his quarterback's broken rib injury is not all bad. "Yesterday, soon after the game ended, a trainer came into my office and told me that Michael [Vick] had sustained two broken ribs during the second half," explained Reid, in his signature raspy voice, a trace of dried red sauce on either corner of his mouth. "I started to get up from my chair to go check on Michael when I just stopped and smiled. I told the trainer that I would be along in a minute and to go along without me. I said to myself, 'ribs? Think, Andy! Compose yourself.' Then it just all the sudden clicked. 'Andy, you beautiful, glorious genius; there's a McRIB sandwich in my desk. The bottom right drawer if my memory serves me correctly.' And there it was, as was there one in the top left drawer as well. From two broken ribs came two intact McRIBs."

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