Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home Depot claims slow winter sales forced early launch of new Lou Diamond Phillips head screwdriver

Atlanta, GA--Dragging winter sales has forced Home Depot to launch the Lou Diamond Phillips head screwdriver earlier than expected. The product was set to debut just when stores were welcoming back many customers tackling DIY projects in late spring and early summer. "The Lou Diamond Phillips head screwdriver was supposed to be launched in late April or early May during the spring cleaning, spring project period when sales usually spike," said Blake Shuttersmith, director of marketing for the home improvement retail giant. "However, Home Depot will now use the screwdriver to increase sluggish cold-weather profits." Lou Diamond Phillips would not comment directly but his agent expressed concern. "This was not part of the agreement," said an upset Bain Cartwright, Diamond's longtime agent. "Yes, Lou's screwdriver will bring in customers, but we also see a percentage of sales from the tool. We believe that sales will be much higher with a spring and summer debut." The actor signed a five-year contract with the big-box retailer, but the Diamond camp believes the chain is attempting to back out of the deal. "Home Depot has the right to discontinue the Lou Diamond Phillips head screwdriver and negate the contract if sales are below a certain amount," explained Cartwright. "We believe they had a change of heart and are sabotaging the tool with a winter release. This is not right." 

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