Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Was Wing Bowl winner showing off by also devouring most of the wing bones during chaotic eating competition?

Above: "The Bear" wins the popular wing eating contest known as Wing Bowl in South Philadelphia on Friday. The champion devoured 287 wings in thirty minutes, and, in a stunning display of digestive power, consumed the bones of 280 of those wings along the way. "In all the years I've done this I've never seen any contestant eat the bones. It's just not done. It was impressive," said the event's creator, Angelo Cataldi, of WIP radio. "I think the other contestants were put off by it." Doctors said afterward that "The Bear" will need to undergo an in-patient procedure to remove most of the wing bones but the champion disagreed. "No, I won't need a hospital visit. I do this all the time. The result is usually three or four extremely painful trips to the bathroom and that's about it," said "The Bear." The king of wings later admitted that the most bones he had ever previously consumed at one sitting was thirty-five, and that his custom-made, extra-padding toilet seat "may not be enough."

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