Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl: Harbaugh parents unfortunately use national spotlight (and terrible timing) to announce plans for divorce

Above: Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, parents of the two brother head coaches facing off against each other in the Super Bowl, share a laugh during a television interview in New Orleans. The couple has made the rounds on the media circuit and have been enjoying and soaking up all the attention on the national stage. However, the two chose the "absolutely worst time" to use this platform to announce their marriage is ending. "Jack and I are cheering for both of our boys and we plan to wear neutral colors in the stadium on gameday. Also, and I know this isn't the best time to say this, but we're getting a divorce," said Jackie Harbaugh, very bluntly during a segment with the NFL Network. "We hope this doesn't affect our sons and want to say what a great two weeks this has been in the Cresent City." The Network was so thrown off by what had just transpired that they immediately broke to commercial. The announcement sent shockwaves through both locker rooms and through Las Vegas, where the point spread dropped by two within minutes. Oddsmakers feel the divorce will affect Jim Harbaugh slightly more than John Harbaugh.

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