Friday, June 27, 2008

Firework group to protest during Welcome America festivities

The group known as No S'in Firework plans to hold several peaceful protests in Philadelphia during the city's hugely popular Welcome America celebration- the country's largest.

The Atlantic City-based organization has been calling for a change in the spelling of the word 'fireworks' for almost a year.

President of the group, Paulie Francis explains. "The word fireworks should not contain an 's' at the end. Firework should be both singular and plural. It was how the word was spelled thousands of years ago and the government added the 's' in really recent times not in olden times."

"'I like to go see the firework. Did you see the plethora of firework?' It sounds a lot flows better. It seriously does," said No S'in Firework member, Donna Green.

The city has taken precautions for the planned demonstration in Love Park set for next Tuesday.

"We assigned our sole Segway cruiser to police the group. That should be plenty. This particular Segway is equipped with cup holders and a built-in bottle opener," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Charles Ramsey.

How will they protest? The group wouldn't say, but noted that they have been saving empty tennis ball cans for months.

It should also be noted that the group advocates firework safety especially over the July 4th holiday.

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