Thursday, June 5, 2008

'We lost everything, but this dryer chair with hood dryer.'

A fire ripped through Combs, Brushes and Scissors, a beauty salon in Britain's Corner, PA, late on Monday night.

"We lost everything, but this dryer chair with hood dryer. I guess we're pretty lucky considering. I look at the hood part of the chair and I think,'what would we have done if the hood part went up in smoke,'" said Gail Smith, owner of the salon.

As tears ran down Smith's soot covered cheeks creating small streaks, she attempted to recall opening day of the shop in 1996. "I just can't believe the hood part is still here. And it's fully functioning. Please, sit down."

As I sat down in the chair Gail's tears seemed to pour faster as she finally realized the chair was not plugged in. Nor would it be anytime soon.

The Britain's Corner Police placed handcuffs on Smith and lead her to the unmarked car that had arrived without sound. As they pulled away Smith yelled,"Combs, Brushes, Scissors and... Dryer Chair with Hood Dryer."

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