Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mendte breaks story about Mendte

CBS3 anchorman Larry Mendte has been credited for breaking the story about an FBI investigation into whether or not Larry Mendte wrongly hacked into, former co-anchorwoman, Alicia Lane's email account.

Mendte reported,"But the big story on CBS3 tonight is an FBI investigation centered on my actions to hack into a former co-worker's email account. Later in the broadcast I will interview myself, an exclusive to CBS3 News."

As the interview took place the broadcast went to a split screen. One view of a live Mendte sitting at the anchor desk and a second view of Mendte in a still photo wearing casual clothing. When live Mendte would finish asking a question the screen switched from split to a full shot of the still photo for the answer.

"That's a very good question Larry, but at this time I am not permitted to comment on that," said Mendte, when asked by himself about his email password.

Mendte, obsessed with the exclusivity of the interview, often reminded viewers throughout the broadcast that "this is an interview only seen on CBS3."

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