Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scary music greeting Terror Behind the Walls visitors actually a warning about ticks

Philadelphia--If you've attended Terror Behind the Walls in Philadelphia, one of the country's largest and most highly-rated haunted houses, then you've heard the creepy, spine-tingling music blaring over the sidewalk loudspeakers meant to set the tone before thrillseekers enter the iconic and imposing stone penitentiary: "Tic ... tic ... tic ... tic ... tic." The slow, drawn-out "tics," (and intentionally omitting the tocs) repeated over and over on an endless loop and changing in pitch and rhythm with eerie background creaks and squeaks were thought to be part of the show--a critical part, even. That is, at least, what most people thought. However, Eastern State Penitentiary (E.S.P.), organizers of the event which doubles as its main fundraiser, says the music is really a warning to patrons to check for ticks before and after their visit. "There are beautiful gardens lining the historic landmark, and waiting visitors line up right next to them," said Dan Reilly, assistant director at E.S.P. "Just because our gardens are exquisite doesn't mean they don't have ticks. We play the "Tic" song to remind people to check for ticks and prevent Lyme disease, it's not supposed to be a scary song. Really. We want everyone to enjoy their time at Eastern State, and that means a tick-free experience."

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