Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NFL investigating why Chip Kelly left time spent at Southern New Hampshire University, as offensive coordinator of an online freshman football team, off resume

Philadelphia--The  SNHU online squad, whose only opponent was a freshman team at the University of Phoenix, went 1-10 against the Arizona-based school that year. Coaches and players for each team, who lived all across the country, never met and only played the games and practiced as a group via the internet and occasional videoconferencing. "It's a real interesting football program that we got here," said Southern New Hampshire's athletic director, Al Smith, from his year-round home in Nebraska. "It calls for lots of coordination and planning, but it works and we're getting better. We went 3-8 against U of P this season." Did Kelly leave the four-month position off his resume simply because of the 1-10 record? The NFL is determined to find out.

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