Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mt Saint Mary's, UT-Arlington, Portland St, Miss Valley St not in Final Four

The four 16th ranked teams-Mt Saint Mary's, UT-Arlington, Portland St, Miss Valley St- in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament did not make the Final Four in San Antonio, TX this year. This would have been the first year that the lowest ranked teams in all four regions would have advanced to the final weekend of the tournament had they won four games. Instead the four teams combined to win zero games.

"I took a chance on one of my 28 on-line brackets and picked Portland State beating Mississippi Valley State in the finals," said Dave Rogers, a college basketball fan.

"It really would have been remarkable had the 4 mega-underdogs been able to make the trip to Texas. I guess you can say they were Texas-sized underdogs," said NCAA vice president of athletic competition.

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