Monday, March 3, 2008

Asante Samuel Rocks! Papers. Scissors.

New Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel is looking forward to getting started with his new team and leading them back into the playoffs. To do this his off season training includes a hobby that keeps his great hands...great.

The Pro Bowler is currently ranked 16th in the U.S. in the National Rocks-Papers-Scissors Rankings. His recent 2nd place finish in the Northeastern U.S. Regional tournament earned him the cover of RPS Magazine and earned him an endorsement deal with RoPaScTech, a Rocks Paper Scissors safety equipment manufacturer.

"It's something I got into when I was a kid and never thought that I would be able to make a living with it," said Samuel. Obviously Samuel makes most of his money from football but he did miss a regular season game last year to compete in a tournament in Florida. He also hopes to compete full time in the Professional RPS world tour after football ends.

"I told Asante when we signed him that I would only permit him to miss one or two games because of his RPS hobby," said Andy Reid, Eagles head coach.

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