Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yoga instructor declares winner after each class

A Philadelphia yoga instructor is revolutionizing the ancient mental and physical practice by declaring a winner after each class. Max Garrity, 38, has been teaching yoga for 12 years. "I just always thought something was missing. I would finish a class and say to myself,'I totally won that class, I'm undefeated.'"

The Cambodian trained yogi from Harrisburg moved to Center City 5 years ago and last November started his competitive yoga class. He credits the success of he class to his hard work and the slogan,"Relax your mind, spirit and soul but not your crazy-ass competitiveness."

"I used to think yoga was no place for competition but now Max has made me realize that,if I have to and with a lot of pain, I can purposely dislocate joints to bend further than the person next to me," said Tara Goldmam, of Fairmount.

"This week it was Stephanie, but next week it could be Wendy. I just want them to concentrate on what the person beside them is doing and how they can beat them," said Quinn.

In the event of a tie Garrity will often have the two participants arm wrestle to determine a winner. "No one leaves until there is a clear winner, even if that means the kick boxing class has to wait."

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