Friday, March 14, 2008

U.S. Olympic Archery Team misses Target

The U.S. Olympic Archery Team was scheduled to attend the grand opening of the Pottstown,Pa Target but found themselves in the nearly empty parking lot of the company's Pottsville,Pa store. "They missed the intended Target," said Pottstown store manager, Gale Minard.

The company recently decided to become an official sponsor of the team for the Beijing games. "We don't sell archery equipment so I never really saw how the partnership would make sense, but then our marketing team pointed out what should have been obvious," said Tom Vernon, Target CEO.

The team was quickly shuttled the 56 miles to the Pottstown store where they fired burning styrofoam arrows into the waiting crowd. Strapped to the arrows were $100 gift cards. "Most of the cards unfortunately melted in-flight," said Vernon. "But the crowd had a great time."

"We go to Target almost twice a day for this and that because they gave us like $500 worth of gift cards," said team captain, Fred Higgins. Fans should remember Higgins from the Greek games as the archer who,after an injury, had to compete with one arm and still captured the silver.

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