Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Branch was one of city's best

Sunday's violent thunderstorms walloped the city and surrounding counties. Trees were ripped from the ground, houses were struck by lightning, rain fell, but nothing damaged the city quite like what occurred in the city's Fitler Square neighborhood.

One of the city's best branches was torn away from the tree it had called home for years.

"It really was one of the best branches. Everyone in the neighborhood loved this branch. I think it was known throughout most of the city," enthused Kristin Loraine, a resident of Capital Street.

"I look at the branch laying in the street and it's tough. It just doesn't look the same when it's not attached to the trunk," said another Fitler Square resident, Belinda Adams.

The branch recently appeared in Philadelphia Magazine's Best Of issue where it was given the best branch nod. In fact, in the five years the magazine has given the award the branch has claimed all five titles.

"It was a branch that you could trust. On a couple of occasions I left my children at the base of the tree for a few minutes and the branch totally watched them," said Adams.

Most residents agreed that the branch was very quiet and looked out for leaves and smaller branches.

"Again, I can't say this enough. It was just flat out one of the city's best branches." exclaimed Loraine.

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