Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soul parade to be held in Dover, DE

The Philadelphia Soul are champions of the Arena Football League and the city of Philadelphia has embraced this hard-nosed and talented indoor team. But the support that the City of Brotherly Love has shown is nothing compared to the scale that Dover, Delaware has displayed.

In the city of Dover and in surrounding Kent County all schools and most businesses were closed so supporters could watch the game on Sunday.

"If you think the Soul are popular in Philly than times that by 100 and divide it by 1 and that's their level of popularity in Dover," said Dover mayor, Carlton Carey.

After the Soul clinched the championship on Sunday the city of Dover practically shut down. Fans filled the streets shouting positive chants about their favorite team. Twenty inebriated backers attempted to tip over a Cooper Mini, but gave up after the 17th effort failed.

"We love Philly but I had to go with Dover on this one," said Soul owner, Jon Bon Jovi, referring to his choice in parade location. "We play in Philly but Dover is simply mad about the Soul." Carey had called Bon Jovi on Sunday night to see about bringing the parade to Dover.

So popular is the team in Delaware's state capital that the Soul are planning to play three home games on the infield of the city's monstrous International Speedway in 2009.

"We'll make the infield really indoor-like," said Carey.

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