Sunday, July 13, 2008

Looking back, Mugabe credits slogan for victory

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe, who recently was reelected, credits his victory to his "grand" campaign slogan.

Mugabe sequestered the country's top marketing and election officials for 10 days in an undisclosed location in the capital city of Harare to create a winning slogan.

"What they came up with was genius. Having no food and only some water makes the thinking cap kick into overdrive," said Mugabe, referring to his method of dealing with the group.

What was the slogan that captured a nation and forced his opponents to withdraw from the election voluntarily? "Mugabe: He would never mug a bee!"

"Bees are very important creatures that play a vital role in pollinating plants. It's important to us as a country to know that Mugabe would never mug a bee," said an anonymous resident of Harare.

Many residents in the capital and in Bulawayo, a city about 200 miles to the southwest, have expressed similar feelings about the importance of not mugging bees.

"Mugging bees of their pollen or whatever one would mug them of is just not hip and that's why I voted for Mugabe. That and there was no one else on the ballot," said another anonymous citizen.

Political analyst for Zimbabwe's state-run newspaper, Jim Zwanali, expressed his opinion that having a single-candidate ballot ensured the safety of the country's bees. "We really don't know how another candidate would have treated bees. Would they have treated them badly? Probably."

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