Monday, October 8, 2007

'Buddies of Fitler Square' have messege

The 'Buddies of Fitler Square', an organization that helps maintain the square, have a a message for the residents living nearby: Please stop feeding the bronze ram at the east end of the park. The ram has decided to make his home in the square much to the dismay of the 'Buddies.' "The ram will not leave unless the good people that frequent the park stop feeding it," said Jessica Morgans, a member of the 'Buddies' that wants the ram to leave. Often on Saturday mornings the ram is treated to the many fruits and vegetables that are offered at the Fitler Square Farmers Market on the east sidewalk. Recently several 'Buddies' have kept watch to make sure the Farmer's market workers do not feed the ram leftovers. The groups' primary reason for the removal of the 'beast?' "The droppings, plain and simple, it's a mess. My children come home with ram poopy on their sneakers, it's quite foul," said Morgans.

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