Thursday, October 4, 2007

Phils to allow bicycles into seating area

The Phillies announced that during the NLDS the team will allow fans, who have forgotten bicycle locks or find full bike racks, to bring their bikes into the seating areas. The team is experiencing record crowds this postseason, yesterday saw the second largest crowd ever at Citizens Bank Park. "We underestimated the number of bike racks that were needed for such large crowds," said Carolyn Baker, head of Phillies Bicycle Relations Division. Many fans from yesterday's crowd decided to pedal to the game for various reasons, which filled the few racks around the stadium very quickly. "There were calls coming in all afternoon from disgruntled fans demanding a place to lock their bikes," said Sinthia Crawfin, a ticket saleswoman for the Phils.
Because of this the Phillies are allowing bikes to be brought into, not only the stadium, but the seating area. "Fans can bring the bikes to their seats, which will clog up the aisle, but it will make the fan feel much better," said Baker.

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