Monday, October 22, 2007

Movie Review: "Into the Wild"

After watching this intense and moving story I could not help but think of one movie: "The Goonies." The similarities between the two films are astounding. I could not confirm reports that director Sean Penn actually considered calling the movie "The Goonies 2." "Into the Wild" was missing a Chunk-type character(pictured), but other than that it was remarkable. The fact that gold and jewels play such a prominent role in both of the films was simply genius. Another similarity: both movies are also based on fact. Which made me curious as to why The Goonies left all of the gold and jewels behind. I mean it was all right there for them to take. If I ever met the famous gang that is the one question I would present. But if I had two questions the other would be: What would have been your explanation to people when you tried to change the gold and jewels into cash? People would have been asking lots of questions as to where all the treasure came from.

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