Monday, October 15, 2007

Rockies celebrate...a little too early

The Colorado Rockies won the third game of the NLCS last night giving them a 3-0 lead in the series and setting off a wild celebration. After the 4-1 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks the Rockies rushed the field piling on one another and dumping Gatorade and champagne on each other. Fans joined in the party by hugging strangers in adjacent seats and high-fiving Coors' Field security guards and Denver Police Officers. The on-field party slowly came to an end when a representative from Major League Baseball pulled Rockies Manager Clint Hurdle aside to inform him that the series is a best-of-seven and not a best-of-five. Hurdle, appearing very embarrassed began to spread the word to his jubilant players. "We really thought that it was a five game series," said Matt Holliday, Rockies outfielder. Many players exited the field with hands covering their faces.
The stadium public address announcer told the crowd that this was not a series clinching victory and that one more was needed to solidify the team's first ever trip to the World Series. The disbelief permeated quickly through the crowd causing some to weep and others to claim they had something in their eye. "We're a football town all the way, Broncos, Broncos, Broncos so we should be forgiven for this." said Frank Smits, of Boulder, CO. He went on ask if the NLCS has always been a seven game series.

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