Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Corrupt scalpers to wear the scarlet sentences

With the Phillies playoff tickets selling out in -30 seconds(that's negative) officials turn their attention to the scores of fake tickets that will flood the market over the next few days. These imposters are very difficult to detect and can lead to a very disappointing day at the park. City and team officials have held several meetings to determine the best way to address the problem. "We've come up with what we feel will solve the problem," said Donna Thompson, a scalping expert from Drexel University's School of Scalping Prevention.
The city will make all corrupt scalpers wear a t-shirt that reads: "The Tickets I am about to sell you are fake. Please walk away. Go Phils." Fans are urged to look for the bright green shirts before making any transactions. The city gave out over 200 of the "warning shirts," but many of the dishonest scalpers complained about the colors. "We were not going to stray from bright green with black lettering, but we decided that they would be permitted to decorate the back as they wished," said Thompson.
The 2008 Phillies season will see a major advance in protecting consumers from fraudulent tickets. The Phillies and GE will launch the first "singing tickets." Almost impossible to duplicate these tickets will feature "Boyz ll Men" singing one line,"These tickets are authentic, ba da ba ba" when a small button on the ticket is pressed.

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