Friday, February 29, 2008

Old Center City Wawa to become country's first ZsaZsa

Longtime actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has purchased the recently closed 20th and Locust St Wawa site with plans to open her first of many U.S. convenience stores named ZsaZsa. Gabor has long been waiting to break into the 24-hour convenience store market in the U.S. but was waiting for the right time and location. "Iss veddy special this site[20th and Locust] perfect for ZsaZsa," said the 91 year old star.

When asked whether the similar sounding name to the site's previous occupant would affect business Gabor responded,"Vee offer all dee same coffee and dee cakes. Iss very easy to shop for all dings."

ZsaZsa Markets are very popular in Gabor's native Hungary holding 85% of the market with 7-11 holding 10%. Two years ago the Hungarian government was very close to declaring the company a monopoly but Gabor is very persuasive. "She veddy persuasive," said Gabor.

Wawa Inc. has hinted that the company is slowly focusing solely on stores where they can also install gas pumps. "We need lots of space and although we did get city approval to build one gas pump at 20th and Locust we decided to go in a different direction," said Lance Miller, Wawa CFO. Plans had cars entering the store along 20th St and exiting on Locust. "The fumes would have been horrific for our food-only customers and crossing the car lane to get chips or sandwiches would have been hairy," said Miller.

Look for ZsaZsa(the store) to open by the beginning of May at the Center City site. Gabor, who has no plans of attending the grand opening, is very excited about giving the residents of the neighborhood a necessary corner store. "I am so excited Zsa Zsa decided to open a store here. I was upset with Wawa but having a ZsaZsa will be fantastic," said Rittenhouse resident, Sally Reeney.

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