Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Art Museum to offer audio tour of construction rock waste

If you've ventured to the west side of the Philadelphia Museum of Art recently you've noticed a field of boulders adjacent to the nearly finished parking garage. The large rocks are a direct result of the excavation required by the large, unending garage construction project.

The rocks are a definite eye sore for the area, but the museum would still like to profit from the construction waste. "Beginning next Monday we will be offering audio tours of the rock waste," said museum public affairs coordinator, Sarah Higgins.

The voice of the tour will be Alex Trebek's younger brother Dillon Trebek. "Dillon has done great work for tours around the country and Central America in the 1980's. He really captures the audience by whispering the facts and figures," said Higgins.

The younger Trebek is most well known for organizing clapping competitions in the Seattle-Tacoma area. "I want to get out of clapping and back into lending my voice to touring. I'm so done with clapping," said Trebek.

The tour will cover how the rocks arrived at their current location, list the weight of each rock(there are 439) and ask the audience about their favorite rock. A virtual Dillon Trebek will appear on the highest rock when tour participants pass the halfway point.

The 40 minute tour will cost $12 and move in a clockwise direction around the fenced-in area. Rock climbing will not be permitted.

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